The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Murray Close/Lionsgate

Liam Hemsworth was a big hit while making The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.


In one brutal scene, Hemsworth's character Gale is violently whipped in District 12's town square by Commander Thread.

"I really whipped him," Patrick St. Esprit, who plays Thread, told me last night at the Catching Fire premiere at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live. "He's an Australian boy—they're tough over there. They build them tough."

The beating leaves Gale's back blooded with swollen wounds. It's not pretty.

Alan Ritchson, Hunger Games: Catching Fire


Thankfully, that was all makeup. The whip they used was far from lethal.

"The material is soft but towards the end, [Liam] was like, 'Alright, mate, maybe just a couple of more of these. I'm starting to feel raw," St. Esprit said.

We also talked to Alan Ritchson, who revealed he also suffered some pain while shooting when he injured himself after being told he wasn't running fast enough across some jagged lava-like rocks.

"I took off and I'm running as hard as I possibly can, but I slipped and fell," said the muscled hottie, who plays Gloss in The Hunger Games movies. "I get scraped up and I have a scar on my hand. They had the medic come out because I was covered in blood because I was wet. It did look a lot worse than it was."

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