Cara Delevingne Talks Body Insecurities: "I'd Like to Be Curvier"

Model of the moment also opens up about her acting career

By Alyssa Toomey Nov 19, 2013 5:23 PMTags
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Cara Delevingne may be the model of the moment, but like any girl, she's not always happy when she looks in the mirror.

In a new photo shoot for i-D magazine, her third cover for the publication, the 21-year-old stunner, who most recently strutted her stuff on the catwalk at the Victoria's Secret Show, opens up about her body insecurities, her recent ventures in the acting world and her dream date (listen up, Harry Styles!).

"I would do anything for the right role," the budding actress, who poses in dramatic clown-style make-up and over-the-top clothing for the shoot, tells the mag. "I'd shave all my hair off and my eyebrows, I'd gain weight, sky dive, jump off buildings, do my own stunts, I want to learn all there is to learn."

The Victoria's Secret Angel was most recently cast in Michael Winterbottom's Amanda Knox-inspired film The Face of an Angel.

Cara is set to play a suspect in the murder and will star opposite Kate Beckingsale and Daniel Brühl.

"I'm always scared of the future, but Michael is an incredible director and I'm working with an incredible cast," she says of her latest acting gig. "With acting, you're essentially learning on the job...Michael told me that you can't teach natural talent and natural ability. He's never seen a bad actor go to lessons and become good, only a good actor become an even better one."

While Delevingne is seemingly much more comfortable on the catwalk, the supermodel, who is famous for her sassy and silly demeanor, admits she doesn't have a "fail-safe" model pose.

"I'm actually set by default on 'tongue out and crossed eyeballs'; I can't control my tongue it always comes out," she confesses. "My actual pose is me trying to look normal." 

Somehow, we're not surprised.

As for dream date?

"That's easy. Eminem," the blond beauty reveals.

But despite being one of the world's most desirable models, Delevingne isn't afraid to reveal her biggest insecurity:

"My body because I'd like to be curvier," the pin-thin beauty admits.

Although, to Cara, inner beauty is what's most important:

"As a person I hope yes," she replied when asked if she thinks she is beautiful. "The only important thing is if I am beautiful on the inside."