Almost Human


Robocops never looked so good! J.J. Abrams' latest sci fi series, Almost Human, did not disappoint in its series premiere Sunday night, reeling in 9.1 million viewers and a solid 18-49 demo.

And tonight, as if having Karl Urban and Michael Ealy on screen together wasn't enough hotness for the average viewer (We're pretty sure global warming just kicked into an even higher gear!), the high-stakes Fox drama delves into a sex-trade scandal. In the episode, Intimate Robot Companion, a k a IRC's, a k a sexbots, are legal, but not when you use human DNA from an abducted person to make their skin.

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Here's a first look at the second episode, "Skin":

We caught up with Ealy and Urban, who tell us that despite the show's slick, futurustic, sci-fi appeal, there also will be plenty of humanity. (Read: romance and sex.)

"There is going to be plenty of sex," Ealy tells us with a sly smile.

"I will have lots of love interests," Urban echoes, adding that his character, Kennex, "gets lots of sex. That's all I'm gonna say."

Almost Human, which hails from not only Abrams but the genius mind of Fringe boss J.H. Wyman, follows a futuristic odd couple: LAPD Detective John Kennex (Urban) is paired with an outdated android model called a DRN, whose name is Dorian (Ealy). DRNs are more human in that they have been equipped with a "synthetic soul," allowing them experience human emotions.

And despite Ealy's toaster-riffic status, he's also rooting for a love interest or two as the series progresses. "I'm not gonna rule it out. I'm working with JJ and as you know, when you're working with JJ, anything's possible!"




Almost Human's Sunday night premiere received mostly positive reviews—82 percent of you voted to Save It—and Ealy and Urban are hoping the futuristic series sticks it out for the long haul.

"This is one of the most challenging characters I've ever had to play," Ealy tells us. "Obviously, being almost human as opposed to fully human, you have to hold back certain things that you just don't have in your wheelbox because you don't have that experience behind you. Which is why he's so observant of Detective Kennex and his interactions with other human beings, because he wants to learn as much as he can.  He is a mirror of humanity. He likes to embrace as much humanity as possible."

Urban plays a human on the show (unless JJ Abrams has a JJ Abrams twist up his sleeve—again, we never rule anything out!), and he finds the dynamic between the partners particularly compelling. "It's actually kind of ironic because [Ealy's] character is almost more emotionally in tune and in touch with himself than mine, you know. Mostly I'm playing the hardened cop, and I learn a thing or two from the android about compassion."

We are so in.

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