Just when we're finally accepting that Breaking Bad is over, stuff emerges that reminds us it's gone and we fall back in a deep, dark hole of depression. Thanks a lot, Universe!

Not only did we get a hilariously perfect alternate ending to the AMC drama series, but today we've been gifted with some bloopers from the final season. And in case it wasn't already abundantly clear, Bryan Cranston is the best ever.

In the collection of bloopers, Heisenberg himself breaks the tension multiple times by mocking himself, cracking jokes during Hank's (month-old spoiler alert?) emotional death scene, and playing some drums on his barrels full of money.

Elsewhere in the gag reel, Marie (Betsy Brandt) offers to adopt Jesse (Aaron Paul) and Anna Gunn has issues with a "rogue extra" during a car wash scene. The clips are too good to miss, so click play on the video above and let's talk about how awesome this cast is and how much we sorely miss all of them.

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