Once Upon A Time

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Daddy issues, ahoy!

The big twist in last night's episode of Once Upon a Time walked the very, very thin line between love and hate for fans. Some found it to be inspired, others were left rolling the eyes.

The reveal? Season three's big bad, the young Peter Pan (Robbie Kay), is actually Rumplestlitskin's (Robert Carlyle) father, who gave him up in order to restore his youth and stay in Neverland. Which makes him Neal's (Michael Raymond-James) grandfather and Henry's (Jared S. Gilmore) great-grandfather. Phew, did you get all that?

But this isn't the first time the show has pulled a storyline straight from an episode of The Maury Show. (They aren't at Jerry Springer level of messed up, yet!)

In the pilot, we learned Emma (Jennifer Morrison) is the child of Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Prince Charming (Josh Dallas), while Henry is Emma's son. Oh, how young and naive we were back then to think that that was a complicated family dynamic.

Well, in season two we learned that Emma fell in love with Neal, who actually turned out to be Rumple's son Baelfire, the one he left behind in order to keep his power as The Dark One.

Of course, Regina (Lana Parrilla)  is Henry's adoptive mother, as well as Snow's (evil) stepmother.  

To make family matters even more complicated, Captain Hook (Colin Donoghue) just so happened to steal Milah, Rumple's wife and Neal's mother back, in fairy tale land, and then bonded with Neal when he was a young boy. And now he's in love with Emma, Neal's baby mama. Talk about keeping it in the family.

But did the Peter-Pan-is-really-Rumple's-father twist work for you? Or did it feel a bit forced?

We're torn as it's always great to learn more about our main characters' backstories, but it seemed like it was done more for the shock value rather than serving the story. (And we're getting to the point where granny being revealed as Peter Pan's mother wouldn't shock us.)

So sound off in the comments: How did you feel about OUAT's latest twist? Was it one family relation too many for you or did you love Pan's connection to Rumple?

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