Star-Wothy Kids Gifts, Collage

Have no clue what to get your niece or nephew for the holidays? Don't panic. We're on top of what's all the rage with kids these days, and we've come up with the hottest toys and gifts that are fit for a celebrity child.

So what made our star-worthy kids gift guide? We've got a flat screen Hello Kitty TV that Suri Cruise would adore and a pair of miniature red Hunter rain boots that we can imagine Marion and Tabitha Broderick splashing around New York City in. And if you know a little girl who is obsessed with princesses (we're betting you do), then get her the new Disney Princess Ultimate Dream Castle.

Basically, our list is chock-full of the newest toys and the most darling clothes. From infants to pre-tweens, we've included something for every tot with chic taste.

PHOTOS: Star-Worthy Kids Gifts 2013 

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