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Well good for you, New York City.

The One World Trade Center has officially been declared the tallest building in the States (i.e. taller than the Sears Tower, which has been renamed the Willis Tower, but we refuse to call it that. It is, and always will be, the Sears Towers).

And thus, the rivalry between New York and Chicago has been ignited once again.

The Daily Show host Jon Stewart was going to stay out of it. Until the great pizza debate came up in a clip. He said so himself, "I was going to be nice, but now you've gone too far. Deep dish pizza is not only not better than New York pizza. It's not pizza."

"This is not pizza! This is tomato soup in a bread bowl!" he continues.

He has a lot more to say, but we shall not repeat it. Watch the video if you'd like to hear the blasphemy and slanderous libel he speaks against delicious, flawless Chicago style deep-dish pizza.

Anyway, here's why he's wrong. We'll keep it short.

More cheese? Good. More toppings? Good. More crust? Good. More sauce? Yeah, it all checks out here. That's all good. What's better than pizza? Bigger pizza. Bigger pizza is more pizza and doesn't everyone just want more pizza?

So, it's delicious and you get more of that. How is there any argument that deep-dish pizza is not the best pizza? Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who is no stranger to sending dead fish to his enemies, also responded to Stewart's rant:

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