Batman, Batkid, Make-A-Wish

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Miles is the hero we want and today he is getting the day of crime fighting he deserves. 

The 5-year-old boy was diagnosed with leukemia when he was only 18-months-old, and thankfully he is now in remission. Today, Make-a-Wish transformed San Francisco into Gotham so that Miles could transform into Batkid

"This wish has meant closure for our family and an end to over three years of putting toxic drugs in our son's body" Miles' mom, Natalietold ABC.

Miles isn't flying solo though, as The Dark Knight often tends to.

He's joined by adult Batman and over 11,000 Make-a-Wish volunteers. The streets of San Fran Gotham have literally been filled with people all day, cheering on Batkid as he saves the day.



"We come from a very small town, 1,000 people, where it's nothing like this," Miles' dad, Nick Scott, explained. "The scale this big is just overwhelming for us. It's nothing we ever dreamed of."

He continued, "It's really neat to see how many people have got together for a stranger they don't know and show support for; it's heartwarming."

President Barack Obama even tweeted him!

Batkid also has his most trusted sidekick: Robin (also, his little brother).

Batman, Batkid, Make-A-Wish, Twitter


Is this not the cutest picture you've seen all day ever?

Batkid even got his own Lamborghini-style Batmobile.

Here is Batkid's epic day of crime fighting:

10:15 a.m: Damsel in distress is rescued from the Hyde Street cable car line on the 1900 block of Hyde, between Green and Union streets.

Batman, Batkid, Make-A-Wish, Twitter


11:15 a.m. Batkid apprehends the Riddler, who is in the middle of robbing a vault.

Batman, Batkid, Make-A-Wish, Twitter


While Batkid is enjoying lunch, a flashmob in Union Square alerts Batkid that Lou Seal has been kidnapped by the Penguin and driven off toward AT&T park in an open car.

12:35 p.m.: Batman and Batkid chase the Penguin around AT&T park, going through the cable car, down the Coke bottle slide, and ending up near the miniature ball park. Lou Seal is tied up there and our heroes rescue him.

They go down to the field to watch a message on the Jumbotron from the Chief of Police, inviting them to City Hall where the mayor is waiting to give them the key to the city. 

2 p.m.: Mayor Ed Lee will hold a news conference with Miles, his parents, the chief of police at Civic Center Plaza. There, Miles will receive a key to the city for saving the citizens of Gotham.

Thank you, Batkid!

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