Robert Pattinson

Fact: Robert Pattinson has amazing hair.

The color, the texture, the way it can look sexy even when it's super greasy. Most of us have been swooning over his tresses since Twilight (and probably some of us since Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire).

But while nearly everyone agrees the mane on top his head looks great, here is where folks start get a little divided: his facial hair.

For years the actor has been playing with his scruff. Experimenting with all of the various levels of chin fuzz. From clean-shaven to a full mustache-beard comb, there is no style he's not willing to try—including a goatee, which the actor debuted yesterday at the GO GO Gala in Los Angeles.

Naturally his goatee isn't a neat one (that's not Rob's style). Instead it is a scruffy version surrounded with lots of 5 o'clock shadow. The look is like the middle ground of facial hair—way more than just peach fuzz but not even close to Duck Dynasty level. And considering the fact that it's "Movember" we have a feeling this is just stage one of his goatee process.

RPatz Goatee
What do you think of Rob's new goatee?
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