The Vampire Diaries

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Spoiler alert! We're about to dig into the biggest moments from Thursday night's TV. If you haven't yet watched a particular show and don't want to be spoiled, skip to the next!

The Vampire Diaries: Someone died on the CW hit series. Must be Thursday, right? Well, not one, not two, but three major deaths went down in Mystic Falls as Stefan finally killed the Big Bad Silas. Huzzah! Then, in Romeo and Juliet-esque fashion, Amara stabbed herself and died by her beloved's side as she didn't want to live without him. It's been real, it's been good, but it ain't been real good, you crazy kids. But the duo weren't the only two to head over the Other Side as Tessa offered herself, too, in the hopes of being with Silas. (We wish we could see her reaction to Silas and Amara together on the Other Side.)

And it seems like things in three was the theme of the episode as we were treated to a scene featuring all three of Nina Dobrev's characters: Elena, Katherine and Amara. ("The cute one's here," Katherine said, remaining flawless per usual.) Looks like someone really wants to give Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany a run for her money!

Oh, and Bonnie is back from the dead and can finally touch Jeremy (they just touched hands, you pervs!), but there's a catch: She's now the anchor to the Other Side meaning she feels every supernatural being's death. Hey, sometimes living is hell!

Scandal: Please excuse us, we still need a moment to recover after learning, via flashbacks, that Fitz's father Jerry raped Mellie. It was horrifying, heartbreaking and illuminating. Even worse? When Mellie revealed her pregnancy, we don't know if it's Fitz or Jerry's child, but we're betting POTUS' "son" is actually his little brother. (Let us all take a moment and acknowledge Bellamy Young's amazingly brave and vulnerable performance.)

In the present-day, Mellie finally called Fitz out for being a horrible husband and friend. "The least you could do is be my friend. The least you could do is show up for me, show up for me, Fitz," Mellie pleaded. And show up he finally did, sticking up for her in a big way in a joint interview when a reporter dogged on her about her decision to make Fitz's affair known to the public.

Also, Quinn and Charlie, Huck's old B613 friend, hooked up. Like, really hooked up. (Ew.)At least their affair was short-lived after Mini-Huck realized she was in way over her head. Too bad it was a little too late as Charlie told her, "You belong to B613 now. Welcome to Wonderland." Gulp. Oh, and Olivia's mother, the one who was supposedly on the plane Fitz shot down, was revealed to be alive! Gah! But it seems like Daddy Pope has been holding his wife prisoner for a very long time. We're not worthy, Scandal. We're not worthy.

Grey's Anatomy

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Grey's Anatomy: Curse you, Shonda Rhimes! Just when we were starting to finally heal from Callie and Arizona's ridiculously heartbreaking (and quite nasty) split, the evil genius of a showrunner had to go and tear open the wound. After learning that her father cheated on her mother, who was able to forgive him, Callie decided to go to Arizona and invite her to move back home! Yay, right?! Wrong, considering Leah was hiding in Arizona's hotel room. Naked. After Callie left, Arizona simply told Leah, "You should get dressed now." Oh, what a tangled web this trio is weaving. But fingers grossed Leah is out of Arizona's life for good. The question now is how Callie will react when she eventually finds out about their dalliances.

Glee: Under all the twerking and blurred lines in tonight's Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry-filled ep, there was an incredibly bittersweet and quietly heartbreaking moment as Rachel revealed the tattoo she got: Finn's name on her ribcage.

Parks and Recreation: Leslie was ousted from office. We repeat: Leslie was ousted from office! Our beloved Pawnee city councilwoman was officially recalled on the NBC hit, leaving us with our jaws on the floor and ready to grab our pitchforks to riot. The silver lining? Leslie has a month left in her seat so you know Knope is going to do everything in her power to make the most of her time. (In fact, the milestone 100th episode will focus on her final hours in office.)

NEWS: Harry Connick Jr. throws Twitter shade at Mariah Carey!


The CW

Reign: Slow burn no more! Mary and Bash's relationship finally revved up on the CW period drama as the duo shared their first kiss, which Prince Francis just happened to stumble upon. Oops! For scoop on what's ahead for our favorite new love triangle, read our interview with Torrance Coombs, who teases that Bash may actually get a legitimate shot at the throne.

The X Factor: Two more acts were booted off Simon Cowell's struggling reality series on Thursday night's episode. Sweet Suspense, one of Cowell's groups, received the lowest amount of votes (so, um, no suspense for them!), while Kelly Rowland's contestant Rachel Potter lost the sing-off of her life against Khaya Cohen. And this has been your X Factor update.

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