Brooke Mueller, Bob Sheen, Max Sheen


It sounds like Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller's twin sons Bob and Max are doing well one week after a jury granted temporary custody of the 4-year-old boys to their mom's brother Scott Mueller.

"The boys are doing great," a source close to the situation exclusively tells E! News. "They have never been happier. When the teacher told them last Friday that their uncle was going to be picking them up from school, they were really, really excited. They put their arms in the air. They were full of joy about the decision. They love their uncle."

"Brooke's brother is a role model for the boys," the insider continues. "He has been a stable influence in their life all the way through. He's been there for them since they were born. He has spent weekends with them. They trust him and adore him and he was the perfect person to step in."

The shift in guardianship came last Friday after Sheen's ex, Denise Richards, informed the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services that the boys were misbehaving while under her care (Richards had been looking after the boys until last week).

"[Scott] only has the boys best interests at heart," the source says. "Scott is a very good man. He has not had a drink or a cigarette in his life. He dotes on those boys."

While the source says that Brooke is "really dedicated to being a great mom" and insists she is currently sober, Sheen definitely disagrees that she is a fit parent and has taken repeated jabs at her via social media. He also disagrees with the current custody situation.

"Brooke's attorney is in the process of looking into taking legal action against the outlets that have negatively reported that she failed a drug test," the source adds. "She has not. And that misinformation could have been incredibly disruptive."

"Thankfully Max and Bob are too young to read the tabloids, they do not know what is being put out there," the source says. "All Scott and Brooke want to do is protect them and give them the most stable upbringing possible. It's heartbreaking what has happened. And Brooke is determined to make it up to them for the time she has not been around. This is a new chapter for everyone. It's exciting, and the boys are very happy that they can now have some stability."

The source concluded, "As far as I am aware, Denise has not been in contact with the twins since she gave them up."

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