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It's almost the freakin' weekend, guys. And you know what that means, right? Start your two-day vacation off right with some fresh spoilers!

Today, we've got some intel on how Coach (Damon Wayans Jr.) and his permanent stay on New Girl will impact one of the loft inhabitants. And Nashville has been better than ever, but it's about to get a lot juicier. All that, plus scoop on Glee, The Carrie Diaries, Ravenswood and more in today's Spoiler Chat:

Reese: Curious to know about the Winston-Coach dynamic on New Girl now that Damon Wayans Jr. is back for the long haul. Anything you can tell me?
Lamorne Morris told us during our set visit that Coach and Winston aren't going to be BFF'ing up in the loft anytime soon. "Winston has this inner jealousy I feel with Coach, because when he comes back into the loft he's more like the dominant one and he's up to his Coach ways of, 'We're going to do this', and 'We're going to do that!'", Morris said. "And he makes fun of Winston because there's a part of Winston that only Coach knows about." Intriguing...what could that secret be?

Kellie in Seattle: It's been awhile since you've given us Carrie Diaries scoop. Hint, hint…
So you want NCIS spoilers? Ahhh, jokes. In tonight's episode, someone does it on Carrie's bed, but it's not Carrie. And our future Mrs. Big will not be happy when she finds out. Plus, fans of Bennett and Walt will be unhappy to hear that there will be a step back in tonight's episode for those two.

Jason: Happy Glee is back, especially my New York crew. Can you tell me what's coming up with Rachel, Santana and Kurt?
We're going to meet a character in episode nine that is auditioning (very badly) for a Broadway show. Now why are we peeking in on Broadway auditions? Many possibilities, the worst of which is that Rachel somehow loses her part in Funny Girl and must try again elsewhere. Or someone else in the group takes a stab at making it to the big stage. Or it's just a random appearance, but c'mon...this is Glee. Something is going on.

Amanda R.: What's coming up on Nashville?
Oooh, the ABC drama is really cooking now. Rayna and Deacon will go back to doing something they used to do all the time. No, not hooking up. Writing songs. Except they'll both have a little performance anxiety when Rayna tries to keep the creative work strictly business-like in order to keep old feelings at bay. Meanwhile, Juliette will get in deep crap when she makes very controversial comments about [spoiler!]. How bad does it get? Well, cities on her national tour will be canceling left and right. So...pretty bad.


Reign, Toby Regbo, Torrance Coombs

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Jasmine: Ah, I'm still obsessing over Bash and Mary's first kiss! Please tell me he won't be involved with anyone else on Reign!
Hello, this is a teen drama. Are you new?! When we asked Torrance Coombs about Bash's previously flirty interactions with Mary's ladies-in-waiting Kenna and Lola and whether or not they could go somewhere, he teases, "I certainly would think that's a possibility. We're laying the groundwork for anything to happen, but we go off pretty strongly in one direction pretty soon." (And the Francis and Mary shippers go wild!)

Jill A.: Got anything on the 24 reboot miniseries? I'm SO pumped for that!!
Unfortunately, spoilers for Jack Bauer's return have been hard to come by, which is fine by us (for now) as we don't want to face the wrath of Kiefer Sutherland. But we did manage to get Kiefer to tell us that they start filming in January in London, and guess what? That movie that was supposed to happen before the miniseries was announced might still happen! "We're doing 12 episodes, so that's exciting in itself," he says. "And then perhaps the movie." We're all for as much Jack Bauer as we can get!

Melanie: I need Ravenswood scoop…like now!
Demand and you shall receive! We recently chatted with the dead darling of Ravenswood, Nicole Gale Anderson, and she promises that Tuesday's midseason finale will help fill us in on some of the town's oldest and darkest secrets. "In episode five you kind of get to learn more about their past and their mysteries," the actress teases. "There are also some really awesome flashbacks that we got to do that revealed the original Miranda and Caleb and you kind of get an idea why they have this instant connection." Instant connection, eh? Let's all just calm down and breathe, Haleb fans!

Amy Poehler and Rob Lowe, Parks and Rec


T.J.: Parks and Rec was so perfect last night. I know it's going on hiatus soon so please, please, please gimme some scoop to help me through the dark days coming up.
We will be starting a Parks and Rec withdrawal support group real soon. But for now, we'll just let you know that we will be seeing Chris and Ann out of their comfort zones, i.e., out of Pawnee for a "test drive" sort of thing. Meaning, they're not sure if they really want to leave Pawnee after dealing with some terrible people outside city limits. Of course, we know the outcome is they won't change their minds, seeing as Rob Lowe has been tweeting about filming final scenes, but we can stay in denial a little while longer, can't we?

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