Reality TV Scandals


Jillian Michaels was caught breaking the rules on The Biggest Loser this week by handing out caffeine pills to her team members without permission from a doctor. The scandal meant that not only was her team punished with a four pound disadvantage at weigh-in, but Ruben Studdard was allowed back in the competition.

This is certainly not the first time a controversy, either cheating or otherwise, has rocked a realty series, and it definitely won't be the last. Who can forget a certain Survivor cast member lying about a dead grandmother? Or the Bachelor contestant that was caught hooking up with a behind-the-scenes crew member? And then there was the entire 15th season of Big Brother

We've rounded up the ten biggest reality scandals of recent years, from American Idol to the Real Housewives. Click through our gallery below, and if you remember any other controversies that we missed, let us know!

PHOTOS: Reality TV's Biggest Scandals

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