Editor Obsessions

This week, we're buzzing about a handful of fabulous must-haves that have evolved into obsessive essentials in our lives at the moment.

After all, with the holiday season just around the corner, it's imperative that we're looking and feeling our best, and have plenty of fun finds that make for great gifts, too!

For a simply heavenly indulgence, check out the latest fragrance oil by Johnny Was, which boasts sweet notes of vanilla, musk, exotic jasmine, wild orange essence and more. One whiff, and you'll be transported to a bohemian vacation right in the middle of winter!

Keeping with the beauty beat, we're also completely addicted to Radical Skincare's Instant Revitalizing Mask, which may very well be the best-kept secret in our medicine cabinet at the moment.

In just minutes, the refreshing (and super bubbly!) mask refreshes, tightens and tones our skin, which is truly all any gal could ask for this time of the year.

In the hair department, Miss Jessie's brand new leave-in conditioner is working miracles on our locks, leaving them completely tamed without any residue or crunchiness.


And finally, we're positively loving Boostcase's cute cat phone cover, which charges on the go, as well as Sole Society's versatile ankle boots!

It's safe to say our wish list is only getting longer at this point!

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