Jennifer Hudson, Charlize Theron

Getty Images; FilmMagic

Winter white madess continues and both Jennifer Hudson and Charlize Theron have caught the fever.

We were thrilled to get another look at this sexy little Stella McCartney frock, even if it is at the Prometheus star's fashion expense. The loose-fitting sheath is one of those styles that's genius comes from it's simplicity. It's one light cut of fabric is intended to make the celeb wearing it shine. The question is, which of these beauties catches your eye?

The first difference we notice is the position of that thick collar band. Charlize has more of a dip in her neckline, revealing a white bandage from recent neck surgery, while The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete star's is tighter around the throat. Crazy as this may seem, we prefer the South African star's approach, even if it is a style solution. The bandage creates a cool peephole effect.

Outside of that switch, this comes down to a battle between footwear. While we love J.Hud's white and clear pumps, the black base on Charlize feels more fit for winter wear, making her the victor in our book. What's your say?

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Who looks better in her Stella McCartney style?
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