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Love triangle officially activated.

Though they had a bit of a slow start, Reign's Mary (Adelaide Kane) and Bash (Torrance Coombs) finally shared their first kiss in tonight's episode after her fiancée (and Bash's half-brother!) Prince Francis' (Toby Regbo) former flame returned to court to shake things up in a major way. Of course, Francis just so happened to see his girl and his bro kiss after a shoulder to cry on becomes something more for Mary. Hey, it happens!

But an angry half-brother isn't Bash's only concern as he's landed himself some major enemies in the form of the Heretics, who have set their human-sacrifcing-sights on Mary. Given that we are completely and totally obsessed with Reign (which was recently picked up for a full season and may it live forever!), we had to hop on the phone with Torrance Coombs to get all the scoop on what's ahead for TV's hottest new triangle and why Bash might just find himself as the next heir to the throne...

Though Francis saw the kiss go down, he has yet to confront Mary and Bash about their hookup: "Francis doesn't let on right away that he's seen that, so he allows them to kind tip-toe around it for a little while and watches us try and cover it up," Coombs teases. "Then he allows his emotions to get the better of him and he sends me off an a dangerous mission, let's say. As a result, nothing is ever really the same between us again because we realize the emotions we're all tangled up in are putting us in danger."

But our young queen is in more than just emotional danger as the Heretics, who've marked Bash and everyone he loves after he interfered with one of their sacrifices, will go after Mary in next week's episode. (Not cool, you jerks. Not cool.)

"It comes time for him to step up to the plate and make some very difficult decisions. He's caught between a rock and a hard place and he's going to have to do some really terrible things in the next episode," he previews. "He's faced with the choice between killing an innocent or allowing Mary to die. So we're in a place with tremendous moral strife. There's no good decision and things get very tough."

Especially because Bash "can't get his mind off her," Coombs explains. "He can't help it, it's like when you've got this crush and you just want to be close to somebody all the time. There's every reason that it can't happen and it shouldn't and then it just kind of does. And maybe it keeps happening, but maybe the stakes just aren't hurt feelings; the stakes become people's lives."

But the life and death stakes aren't limited to the on-screen drama as Coombs reveals filming Mary and Bash's first kiss was anything but romantic due to some unexpected visitors.

"On the day we were shooting that, that was in Ireland, and there were wasps swarming everywhere, just hundreds of them. I was wearing these big tall boots and they kept landing in my boots and crawling down them," he recalls. "We're trying to be all romantic and everything, meanwhile I just got up and was being a real sort of sissy about it, flailing my arms like, 'They're going to sting me! No!' Finally I actually tucked my pants into my socks, so that way they couldn't possibly crawl under my clothes. So they were still crawling on my legs but I was able to tune them out and just go through the scene."

Reign, Anna Walton, Torrance Coombs

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And have you been wondering which far-off corner of the castle Bash's mother, and King Henry's mistress numero uno, Diane (Anna Walton) has disappeared into? Well, wonder no more as Coombs tells us she'll be coming back in a big way very soon. 

"She knows something more," about the Heretics, he previews. "Her ties to the people in the woods are closer than anybody else's and she more so than anyone else understands what's going on there. So she comes back and she has plans for Bash. She would love to see Bash legitimized, so she comes in and you start to see a foil for Catherine in a fun way."

And it seems like Diane might just get her wish as Coombs teases, "Circumstances change and suddenly there may be an opportunity for just that; It's interesting to see Bash really has to come to terms with does he really want that?"

Reign airs Thursday at 9 p.m. on the CW.

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