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Being a model may seem like a glamorous job (after all, we're still reeling from the sheer beauty behind the scenes at the Victoria's Secret fashion show last night), but it's also hard work.

Just ask Tyson Beckford, who at 42, is 100% committed to looking his absolute best with a supremely fit body. 

So how does he do it?

The hunky male model tells E! News that he stops at nothing to keep his physique in tip-top shape, combining an intense cardio workout with considerable strength training to carve out the muscles he's now famous for.

In short, in addition to cycling and jumping rope, he also does 600 sit-ups and anywhere from 200 to 1,000 push-ups a day.

Yep, you heard that right!

When it comes to breaking a sweat, Tyson stops at nothing to torch those calories and flex those muscles and is even coming out with his very own Beckford Bar in 2014 to help others achieve their fitness goals.

"My good friend and I came up with it. I been using it for the past three years so that's what helped me get that V shape in my body and keeps my chest and my upper body toned. Its what I do my 1,000 pushups on every morning," he told us exclusively, while hinting that he would be coming out with an ab wheel soon, as well.

"I've been keeping up this routine since I was 13 because I did not have a gym membership. I wake up in the morning and I stretch and then I do my 300-600 situps depending on how much time I have," he explained.

Talk about commitment!

As for his diet, he doesn't mess around either.

He went on the record saying he avoids sugary foods, carbs, red meat, soda, cigarettes and alcohol and nourishes his hot bod with plenty of seafood, vegetables and healthy fats.

"The key is  hydration and getting a good amount of sleep. I think the the secret I have now is using the Beckford Bar," he added.

Looks like it's working to us!

As for industry standards, Beckford acknowledges that things have certainly changed over the years.

"It's definitely different for male models now. When I started the men were all built and beefy, now they're all skinny! But that's just how I'm built, and I've got my niche," he said in an interview.

And we're not complaining one bit!

—Reporting by Jennifer Cooper

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