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Imagine being stranded on an island with Jeff Probst and a plate full of bacon. Doesn't sound so bad, does it? Especially after getting this visual.

The Survivor host flaunted his very chiseled and very naked body while serving the popular breakfast side on Twitter today.

The eyebrow-raising—and very impressive, we might add—photograph is a sneak peek of the 52-year-old's cameo in the TV sitcom Two and a Half Men, as explained by Probst who tweeted, "Taking it all off tomorrow night on two and a half men!"

The Emmy winner talked to Today about the racy gig and explained how he ended up dropping trou on the CBS series. "I got a call from the casting director. I happen to be friends with Jon Cryer and I texted him and he said, 'I just read the script. It's really funny. You should do it.' That was it. And then they said, 'Oh by the way, you'll be naked.' I mean, how can you turn down Two and a Half Men? —one of the greatest comedies of all time."

Probst mentions that it wasn't taped in front of a live audience, but that moment will go down in history. "When I left that day, I did call my wife and say 'Well, that's one for the books.' Getting to work with stars with the magnitude of Cryer and Ashton Kutcher on a show of this magnitude created by one of the biggest TV creators of all time—and be naked. That will go down in the scrapbook."

And if you're wondering how he maintains such a toned and muscular bod, well, just know it doesn't come easy.

"That's called I'm not 20 anymore. If you want to stay fit, you have to work at it. It's definitely not a case of (I was born with) good genes and I eat McDonald's every day. I definitely put effort into staying fit. You have to if you want to live a long time, why wouldn't you? And if you're in this industry, you better. And if you work on a show like Survivor.

"There's lots of reasons that I work to stay in shape. And it's a good thing because they don't give you a lot of advance notice. It's not like they called in June and said 'Hey, in November, we'd like to use you.' It was like 48 hours later we were shooting."

Now only one question remains: Was that bacon cooked on his hot body?

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