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Spoiler alert! We're about to dig into the biggest moments from Tuesday night's TV. If you haven't yet watched a particular show and don't want to be spoiled, skip to the next!

American Horror Story: Coven: Way to bring back a serial killer, girls! Zoe, who wanted to get to the bottom of Madison's death, used an Ouija board with Queenie and Nan and ended up waking up the spirit of The Axeman,  who was killed by the witches in the house in 1919. But he did give Zoe a clue on Madison's whereabouts: the attic. The girls discovered Madison's rotting body, but when they interrogated Spaulding (Nan read his mind), he lied to cover up for Fiona yet again and said he killed her. Zoe doesn't quite believe him, and quickly got ahold of Misty Day to bring Madison back. So welcome back, Emma Roberts! We missed you, boo. Unfortunately, she doesn't remember anything about her death yet, but we're sure that will change. Oh, and FrankenKyle is back and staying at the house for the time being.

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Meanwhile, Cordelia is released from the hospital and once again sees visions of her husband Hank cheating when he touches her. She kicks him out of the house and he goes straight to… Marie Laveau? Turns out the voodoo queen hired him as a witch hunter, and that's why he shacked up with Cordelia. It was all an elaborate undercover mission. That's also why he killed Kaylee in the hotel room, because he found out she was a witch when it was revealed in a flashback that Kaylee came to the school looking for help. After denying the acid attack on Cordelia, Marie demanded that Hank bring her all the heads of the witches in the school or she's going to kill him. Better listen to her, dude. She's got killer Cabin in the Woods-esque zombies at her disposal.

After the Axeman attacks Cordelia, the girls set his spirit free to save their teacher, and he leaves the house whistling and armed with his ax. Where does he end up? Hitting on Fiona in a bar. We suggest not bringing this one home with you, oh, Supreme one.


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Nashville: Aaaaannd we're back! Last week we missed our country-singing superstars because of the CMA Awards, but now we've been reunited with the queen of all queens: Miss Connie Britton. Rayna was getting hot and heavy tonight and spent the majority of her ex-husband's wedding day hooking up with a sexy fella named Luke—and yes, all you Smash fans, it was Will Chase!  Maddie wanted to spend some time with her newly discovered father so she joined Deacon for his first performance at the Bluebird since the dreaded accident. (Fingers cossed we'll get a daddy/daughter duet next time!)

And Juliette was still slutting it up (and getting down) with her new married boyfriend. Too bad Olivia (his wife!) decided to confront Juliette about her homewrecking ways. We learned that Olivia was pissed, but not for the reason that you would think: She was mad that Juliette was not hooking up with her! And in the biggest jaw-dropper of the night? Olivia grabbed our country starlet and the two started making out! Oh Nashville, you so crazy!


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Arrow: It was a big night for Olicity lovers! OK, fine, maybe it wasn't a big night, but it was certainly a step in the right direction. While on a rescue mission in Russia, Oliver kinda, sorta, most definitely hooked up with Isabel and unfortunately, our precious little Felicity saw her creeping out of Ollie's hotel room post-nookie. Luckily, Oliver took the time to acknowledge that Felicity was upset and stared to notice that our tech-wiz is absolutely crazy about him.

In a swoon-worthy moment, Oliver explained that his dangerous life makes it impossible for him to be with someone he could really care about, implying that he and Felicity could have a future if it was not for Arrow. Woo-hoo! We're starting to see some serious sparks! In other couple news: Diggle successfully recued his ex-wife and currentl lady love Lyla from her Russian prison and discovered (from Deadshot!) that the man who was ordered to kill Digg's brother goes by the alias, H.I.V.E. Thea broke up with Roy for a hot minute in order to protect her mother's image, but by the end of the episode, they were perfectly A-OK. Phew!

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