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Justin Bieber has thrown his support—and $1.1 million—behind "Shots of Me," a selfie-only photo app that introduces itself in the App store by saying, "It's time for something new :)" 

There is literally nothing new about Shots of Me.


  • Share a selfie
  • Browse the real-time feed
  • Double-tap selfie that you like
  • Send private messages to friends

The "newness" of the app comes from an "Important Note" in the description: "Shots of Me is designed to be a positive experience for everybody. Unlike other social networks, Shots of Me does not have features that create negativity and bullying. Users also have the option to make their accounts private."

It's worth noting that you can make your account private on any—literally any—social network.

The app, created by RockLive, only lets users to use their front-facing camera, which is meant to encourage selfies (duh) and discourage shots of "coffee or salad" or "botched attempts at artful photos." Mostly, it just results in everything being kinda grainy.

"People enjoy looking at humans," RockLive CEO John Shahidi explains to TechCrunch. "Not just yourself. People like looking at other people. It doesn't ever really get old."

Users can tag friends, add hashtags and not comment (a BRAND NEW feature the app offers).

"[Bieber] was a bit annoyed by other platforms," Shahidi claims. "The commenting thing was something he really cared about. Not just for himself, but for the kids. He said ‘I want a platform where my fans don't have to deal with this."

Again, it's worth making a note here: Beliebers are usually the bullies that are harassing people online and making death threats. So essentially, the app kind of is protecting people from being bullied, by attracting all the crazy Bieber fans away from other social networking sites and leaving the normals alone.

Plus, you can still bully someone, but now you just do it via direct message.

At this point, if you're still not sure whether "Shots of Me" is for you, check out the reviews, the latest of which reads, "Amazing app! Get it!!!! I heart Justin Bieber." Sooooo, yeah. You know what you're getting yourself in to. It's the Instagram popular page. If you want to spend your life wondering why a 12-year-old has 500k followers online, download it!

Justin Bieber has yet to actually upload a selfie. When he does, it might look something like this:

Justin Bieber, Instagram


Justin Bieber, Instagram


Justin Bieber, Instagram


We can make this educated guess because these are the types of selfies he posts on Instagram and this app does the same thing. Except without filters. So it's worse because everyone looks uglier.

(H/T Valleywag)

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