Pippa Middleton, Morello Cherry Bakewell Tart

Rex USA/BEImages; Waitrose.com

Who says it's too early to get into the Christmas spirit? Pippa Middleton certainly doesn't think it is.

Even though Christmas is weeks away, Kate Middleton's sis is sharing her tips to help you get ready for the highly anticipated and delightful holiday season.

In her Nov. 9 column for The Telegraph, the 30-year-old dishes that around this time of year, there is something "sweet and snug" about a cherry tart, or as the English call it, a Bakewell. The brunette beauty shares a recipe, from the supermarket Waitrose, and writes it is a "winter winner." And while it isn't a Pippa original, Middleton adds her own ideas for serving the delectable dessert.

"Serve warm, with thick custard, as a pudding or cold with a mug of tea or coffee," Middleton advises the reader.

Looks and sounds absolutely divine!

But the Christmas-themed columns didn't stop there. Middleton recounted for The Telegraph, in her trademark witty tone, her unique experience controlling the elevated work platform, also known as a cherry picker, and then hanging twinkling and glittery lights over a popular London department store.

"I found myself 100ft above King's Road in Chelsea at the controls [of one,]" Middleton writes. "Not for long, thank goodness, but enough to experience the exhilaration – and to be grateful that the vicious storm that had just battered the south of Britain had moved on."

Something tells us if the weather was at all spotty, Middleton would not be assisting with this project. But she did compare herself to Justin Bieber and Kanye West, who surf high above their fans at their concerts, but admitted that their time in a cherry picker is "rather more glamorous than departmental light installation." Ha.

Middleton explains that it was a "great start to the run-up to Christmas" and was glad to help "to prepare one of London's retail landmarks for the festive season, or to see the effort involved behind the scenes."

"Regular readers of this column – and I know there are a few (thanks Dad!) - will be familiar with my passion for extreme sports," she quips. "Now I've been introduced to extreme lighting courtesy of that grand old gentleman of a department store Peter Jones, the flagship shop of the John Lewis Partnership, that has stood at the corner of King's Road and Sloane Square for more than a century."

After being warned that a hard hat would be provided and she could not wear a skirt, dress, or nice shoes, Middleton decided to take fashion matters in her own hands and donned a "seasonal jumper featuring a fluffy breasted robin" to get into the Christmas mood.

Along with a stunning photo of the finished product and the store glizted up in lights, Middleton said that the Christmas lights will accompany the store's window display, which features animals made out of electrical gadgets and utensils.

Besides getting into the Yuletide feeling of baking and hanging decorations, Middleton was spotted on Tuesday, Nov. 12, setting sail with some pals on a JP Morgan-branded motorboat to a yacht. The group included hunky English Olympic sailing gold medalist Sir Ben Ainslie.

According to the Daily Mail, the gang left the south coast of Lymington and set sail for the Isle of Wight. Middleton looked bundled up for the cold day, sporting navy waterproof pants and a JP Morgan jacket.

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