Fake it until you make it!

Or in the case of Jon Cryer, you may have to pretend even after you've become a big star.

While stopping by Conan on Monday the star revealed that his brunette hair was in fact "an elaborate illusion." The Two and a Half Men star went on to explain that instead of wearing a wig, his grooming team created a sort of faux hair concoction.

"They basically just paint—they get a roller type thing—and just whoosh along the top," he explained, jokingly adding: "You have to decide if you're going to go full [John] Travolta and get the full front in."

Jon Cryer


He went on to openly admit that he is balding and there isn't much to work with, yet his team always gets the job done. "This is the work of several talented professionals making the most of like, four hairs," he shared. "It's amazing, actually, what they can do. I'm not wearing a piece—or anything like that—but it's a long involved process that stars with stuff like shoe polish."

This big reveal came up after Conan O'Brien brought up how the actor had a McDreamy-like tresses in his 1986 film Pretty in Pink, calling it a "spectacular mane of unruly wonderfulness." Quite the compliment from the king of floppy hair, himself.

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