Bar Refaeli is a natural beauty, but even she needs a doctor to make the occasional tweak!

On Tuesday, Nov. 12, the 28-year-old model Instagrammed a pre-surgery pic which showed her lying on a bed, prepped and ready to go under the knife. But, this doctor's visit was just a standard mole removal, and Bar bid adieu to the "beauty mark" on her side.

Fortunately, the very next day she was back in a bikini on the beach! There's a small Band-Aid where her mole was removed, but she certainly appears to be fully recovered. "Heaven is a place on earth," she captioned the idyllic Instagram shot, adding, "#live #your #life."

And while genetics—not the hands of a surgeon—get a lot of credit for Bar's amazing physique, she also puts in time at the gym to get that body. "I work out a lot," she told Cosmopolitan U.K. in a June 2013 interview. "I like to look good and feel good. I do Pilates and TRX four times a week for an hour each time."

"I'm not very careful with my diet, but when you work out a lot you want to keep healthy," she said. "Eating healthily makes you want to work out more because your body is more alive. If I'm craving something I'll have it, but I don't really crave bad things."

See, even supermodels splurge sometimes!

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