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Is it just us, or are there an insane amount of good new shows this season?!

In today's Spoiler Chat, we're celebrating some of those terrific newbies by doling out some scoop, including what's ahead for a fan-favorite pairing on The Originals, a new villain coming to The Blacklist to stir up some major trouble and what's ahead for the scandalous affair on Reign! Plus, we've also included spoilers on tonight's episode of American Horror Story: Coven and The Following's highly anticipated second season.

Oh, and we've got scoop on Hawaii Five-0, Modern Family and more! So what are you waiting for? Dig in...

Andrea: Loving  Modern Family this season! Got any spoilers to share?
Seems like that Rob Riggle spinoff may actually become a reality as the sitcom will introduce his character Gil's father, Gunther Thorpe, later this season, who is a milder version of his son. Expect to meet the egotistical Gunther in episode 14.

KatieNicole11: Pretty pretty please for any spoilers on The Blacklist!
Prepare for one epic two-parter on the NBC breakout hit as Ryan Eggold teases the first part "has a supreme cliffhanger. The first one is so killer. Tom is not in it very much because it's really about the FBI, but it's the most intense episode I think." So what can we expect? "James Spader has these incredible speeches, there's an incredible villain and Diego Klatenhoff has some amazing stuff." And the villain will cause "a lot of struggle" For Red. Ugh, why can't every day be Monday?!

Beth: Need American Horror Story: Coven scoop!
Holy surprise guest star, Batman! Expect to see Meryl Streep's daughter Grace Gummer, who is known for her guest appearances on The Newsroom and Smash, in a really cool flashback to 1919, which tells the story of the infamous Axeman, played by Danny Huston. His introduction? One of the best TV character debuts in recent memory. (Also: prepare for some unexpected and awesome pairings in tonight's hour!)

I get that people want Klaus and Caroline together, but I really like him with Cami! What's next for them on The Originals?
We've got good news and bad news on the Klaus and Cami front: The bad? Joseph Morgan previews "some distance" for the pairing, but the good news is there's "an amazing scene in episode nine which I'm really proud of." And Leah Pipes teases that viewers will see Cami combat Klaus' compulsion, saying, "You'll see her figure out how she can overcome this supernatural thing via human tactics."

Reign, Jenessa Grant, Celina Sinden, Caitlin Stasey, Adelaide Kane

Marni Grossman/The CW

Danielle N.: So happy the CW picked Reign up for a full season! What's coming up for my favorite couple, the King and Kenna?!
Their (hot and steamy) affair is no longer a secret! At least not to one of the girls, as Kenna finally comes clean about her relationship with King Henry II to one of her friends, who has a less than ideal response. Too bad Kenna doesn't really care!

Rhonda: Just watched season one of The Following on Netflix and now I'm desperate for spoilers. Help! HELP!
In season two, Ryan will be trying to become a changed man, i.e. going to Alcoholics Anonymous. However, one meeting leads to him running into an old nemesis. No, it's not Joe Carroll. But this person claims to know the whereabouts of a still-alive Carroll. Of course, the information they possess comes with a price, and Ryan will be very hesitant to pay it.

Henry: Everyone keeps talking about how mindblowing episode nine of Scandal is! I need details!
Just prepare yourselves now, 'cause it's going to be insane. "I've been on shows that haven't packed as much story into 50 episodes as Scandal did in 309," Scott Foley teases. "I'm saying this to you with my hand over my eyes and my jaw on the floor. I'm blown away every time I read the script, and when we were reading 309—I think it was the end of the second act or the third act—I sort of said to myself, I guess a little too loud, I was like 'This is insanity!' People heard it and started laughing at me."

Gary: You guys have been slacking on the Hawaii Five-0 scoop!
Kono is returning! Well, sort of. Fans can expect to see Kono, who left the series at the end of last season, return in flashback form, but she won't be played by Grace Park. The series is casting a 16-year-old version of Kono, who comforts Chin after a major tragedy in their family.

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