Kate Moss

REX USA/Joan Wakeham/Rex

If you're drinkin', playin' with fire and wearin' all mismatchin' prints, ya might be a redneck—even if you're Kate Moss!

Kidding, obviously—but the British supermodel might not fit in well with Honey Boo Boo's family down in Georgia. On Nov. 1, though, she really did look a bit Appalachian at a Bonfire Night party in Gloucestershire, Britain.

To be fair, the 39-year-old fashion icon redneckonized how to make this look work. She wore a fur jacket (Was it once roadkill? TBD), a multicolored leopard-print scarf, striped Paige skinny jeans and a pair of black boots. Holding a bottle of Becks beer in one hand and a lit sparkler in the other, Kate was all smiles as she chatted with pals and danced at the outdoor bash. Work it, Smoochie!

Obviously, though, Kate's got too hot a bod to stay all covered up. So, naturally, she'll be stripping down to her birthday suit for a centerfold spread in Playboy's 60th Anniversary Issue (which hits stands in December). 

Until then, you can catch the "heroin chic" poster girl braless, topless and probably pantsless if you look hard enough. Kate, as demonstrated in the photo above, need not adhere to conventional fashion rules.

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