Jennifer Lawrence, Catching Fire Premiere

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Jennifer Lawrence's talents know no limits, but that doesn't mean she's willing to take on every role under the sun. Speaking to Slash Film, the 23-year-old Oscar winner laughed off speculation that she's been tapped to play a young Han Solo in a standalone Star Wars film.

"I can't play a young Han Solo," the Hunger Games: Catching Fire star laughed. "That's awful." Lawrence said that whoever gets the role will "probably be male," even though she's always "wanted to play a man."

The actress' name was first linked to the movie in February, when Screen Crush's Britt Hayes wrote an essay arguing that Lawrence has the chops to play the part made famous by Harrison Ford.

"Han Solo has swagger. He's witty, sarcastic, quick-thinking, and adventurous," according to Hayes. "He has a wry smile and he's awfully full of himself for good reason. He's mischievous and daring and masculine without being muscle-headed. Every lady wanted to be with him and every guy wanted to be him. There's only one actor under 30 who I think could play Han Solo with the same je ne sais quois of Harrison Ford, and that's Jennifer Lawrence."

Hayes argued that many of Lawrence's male peers—Josh Hutcherson, Nicholas Hoult, Zac Efron and Shia LaBeouf, to name a few—are "too feminine" to play Han Solo. "The only other actors close to her age group that have swagger are Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, and neither of them could play a young Han Solo because they're just a little too old and a little too Aryan," Hayes wrote.

While it may be a pipe dream, Lawrence is flattered that someone thinks she has the balls to play the intergalactic hero. "Oh my God, that's awesome," she told Slash Film. "Can I do that?"

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