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Hell hath no fury like a hybrid scorned!

 What better way to celebrate The Originals' full-season pick up than with a crossover, right?! The CW's breakout drama will welcome its first Vampire Diaries star in the form of Tyler (Michael Trevino), the only other hybrid in the world who's out for revenge against Klaus (Joseph Morgan), he who taken everything from him. (Killed his mother and some of his friends, tried to steal his girlfriend, etc.) But Tyler is a different kind of monster now, hardened by everything he's been through, so much so that he broke up with Caroline (Candice Accola), choosing revenge over her. ("Idiot!" screams everyone, as everyone knows Caroline is the best.)

And because we were just so darn excited for Tyler to break bad on The Originals, we headed to the series' Atlanta set to get some scoop on his highly anticipated debut in New Orleans straight from  Michael Trevino, Joseph Morgan and Phoebe Tonkin!

Prepare for an epic showdown over two TV seasons and two shows in the making between Klaus and Tyler in tonight's episode. (Can we get a hell yes up in this article?!)

"t's aggressive. It's what you think it would be, two guys who are kind of alpha males who don't like one another and just want to go after each other and rip each other's heads off," Trevino teases. "That might be a play on words, maybe that does kind of happen, maybe they try and do that! It goes as you would expect it to."

But Tyler has switched up his tactics, deciding to go for a more "psychological" attack as he comes to New Orleans armed with "a lot more information," Trevino explains. 

Morgan also acknowledges Tyler's change, explaining, "I feel like he's a little different, the character. They've really turned him into this guy with nothing to lose. Everything has been taken from he comes into this absolutely reckless and fearless due to the fact that he's lost everything." 

And will the subject of a certain blonde lady-vamp in Mystic Falls also come up between the battling brooders?

Of Caroline and Tyler's recent split and the latter's decision to leave the former behind to exact revenge, Trevino says, "I think it's good in the sense that we might finally be finding closure in this love triangle of Klaus, Tyler and Caroline." 

The Vampire Diaries, Phoebe Tonkin, Candice Accola, Michael Trevino

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And Klaus isn't the only supernatural being in the Big Easy Tyler will be on the offensive against as he poises this ominous tease of Ty's reunion with Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), his former werewolf partner-in-crime who is now carrying Klaus' baby: "Maybe the same as Klaus'? It's not as good as it what it was." Gulp.

Tonkin expands a bit on Trevino's answer, saying, "We realize he's a little disappointed in Hayley and the situation that she's in."

So does this rule Tyler out as the mysterious wolf who has been protecting Hayley for several episodes? Tonkin's lips were sealed, but she previews, "We learn a little bit more in the next coming episodes exactly who that wolf is, why that wolf is following Hayley and why there are werewolves when it's not a full moon; that's something that we explore in the next few episodes."

The Originals airs tonight at 8 p.m. on the CW. 

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