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Warning: We're about to run down the biggest TV moments from Monday night. If you don't want to be spoiled on a particular show, skip to the next!

The Blacklist: Holy Crap! That was the most crazy hour of TV we've seen in a very long time! Have we mentioned how much we absolutely adore this show? Oh about a billion times, you say? Good. The Blacklist deserves all of the compliments. Everyone watching tonight screamed a collective, "I knew it!" when we learned that Liz's father, Sam, and Red have known each other for many many years. In a hospital room (due to Sam's cancer coming back in full-force) we learned all of the jaw-dropping secrets: Red thanked Sam for giving Liz an incredible gift by taking her in and loving her as his own. As. His. Own.

That's right! Sam is not Liz's father, he just raised her for her entire life. However, now that the cancer is really kicking in, Sam told Red that he wants to come clean to his fake daughter and tell her the truth. Unfortunately, Red didn't want that to happen. Ruh-roh! Red sat down on the side of the bed and sweetly told Sam that he'll always be her father and that he hopes that he can love her and protect her the same way Sam has. Red then grabbed a pillow and suffocated his old friend while tears ran down his face. While he didn't come out and explicitly say it, Red has to be Liz's father, right? Right?!

PHOTOS AND SCOOP: We now have a click-through version of Spoiler Chat. Enjoy!

Sleepy Hollow: Tonight's episode was jam-packed with head-rolling goodness, so let's get straight to it: The headless horseman came back, and even though we couldn't see his expression, we could tell that he was mighty pissed. While Headless was searching for his head, natch, Ichabod and Abbie discovered that the head cannot be smashed, or destroyed by acid or blown up—it's indestructible y'all!

By the episode's end, our gang (and Brooks) devised a plan to lure the big-bad with decoy heads and then cleverly paralyzed him with a UV light. So now they have the head and the horseman. Whoop-whoop! Ichobod and Abbie: 2. Headless Horseman: 0 (or would that be -2?). Oh and of course we can't forget to tell you how a-freakin-dorable Ichabod's voicemail was Abbie! Instead of your classic, "Call me when you get this," or "Talk to you later," our handsome fella ended the call with: "I am, most respectfully, Ichabod Crane." So. Many. Feels.

How I Met Your Mother, Alyson Hannigan,  Cobie Smulders, Neil Patrick Harris

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How I Met Your Mother: In our minds, this week's episode should've been called, "How Barney Met the Mother," but in reality it was called, "Platonish." Pssshh. Whatever. Like our name suggests, tonight Barney met our beloved Mother in a McLaren's flashback. The gang gave our suit-lover a series of difficult hurdles in order to hit on women (For example: Speak like a dolphin, wear a garbage bag, yadda yadda…) Pre-engagement Barney was also tasked with the challenge of running errands whilst hitting on a hottie, but our doe-eyed mother saw right through Barney's silly plays and childish games. (Um, of course she did. She's perfect.)

The Mother gave Barney a kick in the pants and the revelation he needed to craft "The Robin," the play that inevitably led to our couple's engagement. Over in Ted-land, our protagonist was still deeply hung up on Robin at this point in the tale, so he turned down a job offer in Chicago with his old boss and arch nemesis Hammond Druthers, played by the brilliant Bryan Cranston. So now we know that Chicago is not just some random job that Ted Westside eventually accepted. It symbolizes the fact that he and Robin are O-V-E-R. Now when will he finally start believing it?!

Beauty and the Beast, Paul Johansson, Kristin Kreuk

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Beauty and the Beast: Dan Scott lives! Paul Johansson guest starred on tonight's Beauty and the Beast as a big bad beast, but he wasn't around for long because Vincent promptly ripped his heart out. Oh, well. We're going to consider this leftover payback for Uncle Keith's untimely death. Vincent also regained the majority of his memories in tonight's episode and our Vincent/Cat loving hearts grew three sizes!

Meanwhile, Cat confronted her newly discovered biological father and he spun quite the tale for his little girl. Reynolds claimed that he and Vanessa were in love, but broke up before he knew she was pregnant. In a not so realistic time-frame, Vanessa was already in love with another man by the time she discovered she was pregnant and Reynolds decided to step aside until Cat was 18. Unfortunately, Cat was 18 when Vanessa was killed, and Reynolds claimed that didn't want to take advantage of the situation. Hmm, do you believe him? Sound off in the comments below!

Bones: Ugh! One word: Botfly. For those of you who are not familiar with this very real and very disgusting creature, let us explain. the botfly lays its eggs underneath the skin of a host. We all know that Dr. Jack Hodgins likes creepy-crawly things and in tonight's episode he was thrilled when a botfly chose him to bear its unborn baby bug. (Does anyone else want to throw up?) Luckily Hodgin's beau, Angela was there to hold his hand every step of the way in this uber-bizarre birth. She even delivered this gem of a quote and our Line of the Night : "My love for you is stronger than my gag reflex." How romantical!

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