David Beckham

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David Beckham has graciously shared so many of his gifts with us commoners through the years.

It only makes sense now that Victoria Beckham's hunky husband should be honored—royally—for his contributions to the sport of soccer (or football, if you're anywhere outside the States) as well as his philanthropic endeavors. And, according to a few very speculative tabloid reports, Becks has been nominated for the New Year's "Honours List" and is headed for knighthood in 2014!

Yes, per The Sun, "Goldenballs" will have an official title of "Sir," which is almost comparable to Posh's wonderful nickname for him. The 38-year-old athlete was already appointed an Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 2003, but he's reportedly set to receive an even bigger honor presented to him by pal Prince William!

Nothing is confirmed—yet—but here's why the father of four should really get to be Sir Becks!

David Beckham

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His Contributions to Soccer Are Unmatched: During his 20 years as a professional footballer, the international popularity of soccer has grown exponentially.  David's played for Manchester United, Real Madrid, the L.A. Galaxy and Paris St.-Germain—in other words, all around the world. He announced earlier this year he would be retiring at the end of his five-month PSG contract, but that didn't mean he was through with the sport! In March, he was named global ambassador for Chinese football in an effort to restore the image of the game in the country and attract international attention to the team. In other words, he's hung up is cleats, but he's still in the game!

David Beckham, H & M

H & M

A Body—and Butt—Like That Deserves to Be Honored (and Worshipped): He's 38 years old and an underwear model, for goodness sake! In a series of H&M menswear commercials, David treated us to the gorgeous view Victoria gets to see every day. There were nonsensical allegations of a butt double (!), but Becks confirmed the beloved behind in the ads was most definitely his own. And if and when David is knighted, we'll have yet another opportunity to swoon over his rear-end when he bends down to kneel before that sword!

David Beckham

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More Importantly, He's Used His Star Power for Good: Just because you've got a great butt doesn't mean you have a good heart, which is all the more reason to love David for having both. During his final season of playing professionally for PSG, he donated his entire salary to two French children's charities. He's been a longtime supporter of UNICEF and worked extensively with charities fighting AIDS and malaria. Back in September, Becks and his pal Prince William lent their voices to a wildlife PSA.

Prince William, David Beckham

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Speaking of Prince William, David Does Have a Royal In: These two go back a while and have worked together on multiple charitable projects. As you surely remember, David and Victoria were guests as William and Kate Middleton's royal wedding on April 29, 2011. According to the Sun, William himself would knight David, something typically done by Queen Elizabeth II.

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And Victoria Would Finally Have the Title She Deserves: Lady Victoria! She's been Posh Spice, Mrs. Beckham and is even considered royalty in the world of high fashion, but it's time Victoria is bestowed with a proper title.

Sir David and Lady Victoria—see, it just looks right!

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