Matt Damon

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Money in the bank!

Matt Damon is reportedly raking in some serious dough after making a cameo in a Nespresso advertisement.

A source tells E! News that the Monuments Men actor is said to have earned $3 million for his 20-second appearance in the commercial geared for only the U.K. market. Page Six was the first to report details about the star's major payday.

Arithmetic time!

If you do the math, Damon's salary comes out to a whopping $150,000 per second—not too shabby!

Damon's longtime pal George Clooney is the lead in the Grant Heslov-directed ad, and has been working with the brand outside of the U.S. market since 2006.

The cute clip shows Clooney being snubbed by a gorgeous woman all in the name of good coffee. Totally realistic, right?! Yeah, let's suspend our disbelief for a moment.

In an effort to get rid of the Hollywood heartthrob, the woman screams out "George Clooney's inside," which obviously causes a mob of ladies to chase after the actor.

But it doesn't end there. Clooney is then shown at the bar grabbing a second cup of Joe when he spots Damon.

The two say hello briefly before Clooney exits and completely ruins his friend's goal of sipping some brew in peace and quiet by telling fellow bar goers that "Matt Damon is inside!"

Two wrongs, people!

The playful ad won't be seen in America (unless, of course, you have access to YouTube) but is already making waves across the pond.

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