Edie Falco has braved a cancer scare.

The Sopranos star was diagnosed with, and battled back, breast cancer earlier this year, her agent and her publicist confirmed to E! Wednesday.

"She was treated for breast cancer, she completed the treatments several months ago, and she is healthy and well," the actress' publicist says.

The New York Post reports that Falco has been cancer free for five months.

Given a clean bill of health, the 41-year-old Falco hasn't shied away from work or appearances.

In June, she was a presenter at the Tony Awards. This fall, she's set to star with Oscar winner Brenda Blethyn in the Broadway revival of the play, 'night, Mother. Blethyn's playing mother; Falco's the daughter who's saying, " 'night."

Falco also is on board for the sixth season of The Sopranos, with new episodes slated to be shot early next year for a 2006 premiere.

Last month, Falco earned her fifth career Emmy nomination as put-upon mob wife Carmela Soprano on the HBO series. To date, she has won three times. (An HBO publicist admitted that Falco was battling cancer while filming last season's episodes.)

It was also last month that Falco was quizzed by reporters about her new look--a very short, very anti-Carmela hairdo.

The Post claims the haircut was the result, or aftermath, of her cancer treatment. But to the Associated Press, Falco said the 'do was about desire.

"[I] always wanted to have short hair," she told the wire service last month.

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