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Oh the irony… British model Suki Waterhouse attends the British Academy of Film and Television Arts LA Jaguar Brittania Awards, and shows up looking like she jumped off the canvas of one of the most famous American paintings of all time.  (For those of you wishing you paid more attention in high school art class, "American Gothic" is the painting of the farmer with a pitchfork and his scowling wife)

Even though Suki isn't scowling, she should be over that unflattering hair.  Not only is it tough for anyone to pull off a severe middle-part and pulled back hair, but if you have thin hair like Suki's, it's practically impossible.   And, if you're going to attempt this look, at least put on some earrings!

We hate to hate, but we're not loving the makeup either. The liquid black eyeliner is way too harsh and the thick clumpy mascara makes her eyelashes look thick and stubby. And for a black tie event, where George Clooney and Julia Roberts were milling about, she wore the same boring pink lip gloss she would wear to pick up a cup of coffee… really??? Bad Suki.

Beauty Bailout: Well, let's start with the dreadful hair. We know Suki has sexy, wispy bangs under all that gel. She needs to let them out! We think that if she wore her usual tousled bangs with the rest of her hair in a French twist, it would have been sexy but still black tie appropriate.

Or, she could have worn a high chignon with tons of volume at the crown.  If her hair was too thin to achieve the volume, she could have gotten a little help from a subtle hairpiece blended into the crown.

To take the harsh factor down on the makeup, we would have done Suki's eyes in navy gel eyeliner like Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner in Deep Navy. Navy would soften this look and bring out the richness in her brown eyes.

We would dip a thin pointed eyeliner brush in the eyeliner and start with a very thin line at the inner corner of her eyes, gradually making the line thicker once the brush passes where the eyeball starts. Once the brush gets close to the outer corner, we would make the line much thicker and flick it upwards.

As for the mascara… Suki had to look in the mirror and see the clumps and bumps, no? We just don't get it. Whether she used the wrong mascara or too much of the right mascara, this just didn't work.  We think she would have benefited from a few falsies in the outer corners and a couple coats of good, non-clumping defining mascara like Boots No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara.

We definitely wouldn't have let Suki leave the house in that blah pink lip gloss. It seems to hide her full lips. We would have put her in an on-trend creamy fuchsia lipstick like Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Back to Fuchsia.

Listen, perhaps if Suki had shown up to the event with the best accessory imaginableher hot boyfriend Bradley Cooperwe would have been able to look past the frumpy hair and clumpy mascara. Who are we kidding? We probably wouldn't have even noticed she was in the shot. (Did we just say that out loud?)

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