Iggy Azalea


If Sunday night's MTV EMAs are any indicator, skin is definitely in.

Take Iggy Azalea, for example. The Aussie rapper flaunted a little more than she bargained for as she strutted her stuff on the red carpet.

Dressed in a black gown that had splits up to her waist, Azalea's lady bits (err, camel toe?) seems to show through her nude underwear.

But don't get your panties in a twist just yet (sorry, had to).

The 23-year-old claims that no one got a few full of the goodies. In fact, she took to Twitter to clarify exactly what viewers saw.

"Lol! That's my ass from the front not my p---y!!!! Bahahaha! I glued my panties to my p---y before I went out I'm not that stupid," she said. "Enjo it tho"

"#AssSoPhatYouCanSeeThatThangFromTheFront #FlatButtsCantRelate," she added.

Robin Thicke

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

But Azalea didn't exactly end there.

She also posted a picture on Instagram of the supposed wardrobe malfunction in action and wrote, "If you think this involves my vag lips your mistaken And yeah I'm posting it just to let you know I don't give a f--k about a bikini line and the line that joins my ass to my leg. Enjoy..."

Well then. Glad that's sorted.

The blond singer wore a much more covered-up getup during her onstage performance with Robin Thicke later that evening.

"Thank you so much robin for inviting me on stage last night it really was one of the highlights of my year," she said via Twitter.

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