Warning: We're about to run down the biggest TV moments from Sunday night. If you don't want to be spoiled on a particular show, skip to the next!

Homeland: Hoping for a Carrie and Brody reunion where they cuddled and talk about possible baby names? Sorry, guys. The only reference to her pregnancy was a bout of morning sickness. This episode was all about wearing down Javadi. After the crew got what they wanted out of him, they sent him back to Iran. On the way to the airport, he revealed to Carrie that Brody was not involved with the Langley bombing, and he knows who will have the answers about who was. All Carrie has to do his ask Javadi's (now former) lawyer. After being accused of the murder Javadi committed, Quinn wants to up and quit the CIA. But Carrie needs his help with getting more info on the Langley bombing, and Quinn sweetly agrees to help her with whatever she needs. Get together already, you two!

But our absolute favorite part of the episode is when Saul locked Senator Lockhart  in a conference room to keep him from interfering with his plans for Javadi. It was by far one of our favorite Saul moments ever on Homeland. But on the down side, Saul's wife is totally hooking up with the hunky dude from last episode. He comes home to her at the end of his day, promising to make things work between them. Mira, don't you dare break his heart!

Once Upon a Time: Tonight our little mermaid and our little book worm met for the very first time and it was almost too pretty for our TV's to bear. Ariel successfully made her journey to Storybrooke and led Belle to a fancy little box that Rumple will need to defeat Peter Pan once and for all. However, since this is OUAT, two sneaky out-of-towners were ready to thwart their brilliant plan. Turns out, the thieves were John and Michael Darling, and they have desperately wanted to rescue their sister Wendy from Neverland for more than a century!

That's right, Pan has kept our beloved Wendy Darling in the other cage at the Lost Boys camp all this time and home-girl isn't looking too well. Pan tricked Henry into believing that Wendy is deathly ill because the Neverland's magic is fading. Not cool Pan, what are you planning? Luckily and the always-gullible Henry announced that he is up for the challenge to save the island's enchanting powers so we'll probably find out next week. Oh and there was also some steamy love triangle hotness between Emma, Neal and Hook. Yum.  

The Walking Dead

Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead: Something wicked this way comes—and we're not talking about the walkers! Tonight we were transported back into the grimy and infection-filled prison as Hershel desperately tried to raise the spirits and lower the temperatures of the sick. Unfortunately despite his best efforts Henry turned into a walker, Glenn collapsed, and Caleb well, he died.

Just when it looked like the end was near, Michonne, Tyresse, Daryl and the alcoholic returned with the medicine. Hooray! But since this is The Walking Dead, things can never be happy for more than a mila-second. In a giant dun dun duuuuunn moment, we learned that the governor has been spying on the entire prison. Ruh-roh! Looks like next week we'll be seeing our one-eyed nemesis again and Daryl will discover where on earth his lady love Carol has been banished. 

The Good Wife: Hunter Parrish made his Good Wife debut in tonight's episode and all you need to know is that somehow he has managed to get even more attractive since his days on Weeds. We honestly did not know that was possible. Tonight Alicia and Will saw each other for the first time since all hell broke loose two weeks ago and we got chills from their icy glare. Brrrr! Alicia returned Lockhart/Gardner under a subpoena and after a series of twist and legal-ese turns, Alicia is now in debt for $6 million over a botched adoption case.  If anyone can handle this, it's you Alicia: Warrior Princess!

Line of the Night: If you happened to hear millions of CaptainSwan fans squeal with delight, it's because Hook delivered this steamy (and borderline cocky) line to Emma this evening: "When I win your heart, and I will win it, it wont be because of any chicanery, but because you want me." Swoon!

What was your most OMG moment from Sunday night? Sound off in the comments below!

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