Sleepy Hollow

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Don't call it a love triangle!

Sleepy Hollow's Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) has two very different women in his life: His wife, Katrina (Katia Winter), a witch who saved his life back in 1781, landing herself a plum seat in purgatory ever since, and Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie), the "Leftenant" he is destined to work with to stop the apocalypse. Naturally, fans have split into two factions:  Ichatrina vs. Ichabbie.

But Katia Winter tells us there's no jealousy on Katrina's part and fans will get to see even more of Katrina and Ichabod's backstory in tonight's episode of Fox's breakout hit. Plus, we'll also get to learn another surprising character's history, which Winter calls "an eyeopener," and learn exactly how much hell Katrina is going through in purgatory...

"I was so excited for people to see the bond between her and Ichabod, how strong it is, and there's going to be more of that in the episodes coming up," Winter says of viewers (finally!) getting to see in last week's episode how Katrina and Ichabod met. "You're going to understand a lot more and her ties into the war that's going on right now between good and evil. Seven and eight are going to be quite big."

In tonight's outing, Winter previews, "You get to know more about Katrina and see how strong she really is. And she's not just Ichabod's wife, she's not defined by her man, which I really, really like." As do we, lady. As do we!

But Katrina isn't the only Sleepy Hollow character taking center stage in the hour as the big bad will finally rear his ugly head…or should we say shoulders? "You're in for a bit of a treat because you'll find out more about Headless and the reasons why he's doing the things he's doing," Winter previews, teasing that we'll learn his "backstory," which will be "an eye-opener." 

NIcole Beharie, Tom Mison

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Ichabbie vs. Ichatrina: Katrina and Abbie finally met in last week's episode when the former appeared to the latter in a vision…while she was behind the wheel. Passive-aggressive much?!

"That's funny, because I had people saying, 'Couldn't you have just waited until she was stopped at a red light?'" Winter says with a laugh. "I mean, there's not much jealousy there yet. I think she's more grateful for her taking care of Ichabod and helping him. There's so much other stuff going on, but once Katrina and Ichabod reunite then perhaps there will be some issues. But at the moment I don't think Katrina is that focused on being jealous because there's obviously so much going on. 

And Winter, who says Ichabod and Katrina "are soul mates," doesn't seem to think Ichabod and Abbie are heading for romance. Not anytime soon anyway. "They definitely have a strong bond and their chemistry is amazing," she explains. "But I'm hoping it will stay on a Scully and Mulder level! [Laughs.]"

Purgatory Sucks: Ever wondered what Katrina does all day in purgatory when she's not appearing to Ichabod in visions? You'll finally get an answer in episode nine, and it won't be pretty. 

"Interestingly enough, we just shot that, a scene only a few days where you'll find out why she's in purgatory and what happened of kind of the torment she goes through on a daily basis," she reveals. "She hasn't had an easy life, I can tell you that. There's been a lot of struggle for her."

Sleepy Hollow airs tonight at 9 p.m. on Fox. 

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