Jenny McCarthy Talks Proposing to Boyfriend Donnie Wahlberg: "I Think He Would Be an Amazing Husband"

"I told the universe I am ready for love. I said bring The One," the blond beauty revealed on Bethenny

By Alyssa Toomey Nov 09, 2013 3:04 AMTags

Looks like Jenny McCarthy just might have met her perfect man.

The View stunner, who seems happier than ever with boyfriend Donnie Wahlberg, couldn't help but gush over her beau during an appearance on Bethenny, where the blond beauty opened up about the possibility of marriage in her future and even gave her 43-year-old pal, who is in the midst of her divorce with husband Jason Hoppy, advice on meeting men.

"So you have a boyfriend, Donnie Wahlberg. And you met him on my friend Andy Cohen's show," Bethenny says, revealing how the New Kids on the Block crooner and the 41-year-old star officially met.

"Yes, yes. On the show when I first met him, I thought he was not available," Jenny says. "In my head I thought he was married." 

It wasn't until Wahlberg was a guest on her own show that McCarthy discovered he was available, and even after, she confessed it took a while for the Blue Bloods star to ask her out, causing her to question his sexual orientation (she later blamed her early suspicions on her "girl's ego").

"I thought he was cute, but I thought he was married," she explains. "When I hear married, I put up a wall. Otherwise I would have been like, 'What's up?' It wasn't until he was on my talk show, and right before I said, 'Does he have a girlfriend? So I know how to interview him,' and they said, 'No, he's single.'"

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The former Playmate of the Year continues, providing Bethenny with her own sage advice for meeting men.

"Chelsea Handler gave me the best advice because she was single and single doing her show and I said, 'How do you meet guys you're working so much?' She said, 'You book them on the show.'"

At which point, the former Real Housewives of New York star turns to her audience and says, "So, people, you've got to send my suggestions of who we should be booking on the show of male persuasion!"

But that wasn't all McCarthy had to say about her man. The buxom blonde also dished on whether she sees herself tying the knot with Wahlberg in the future, admitting she was looking for romance at that point in her life.

"I told the universe I am ready for love. I said bring The One. I am not doing anymore auditions," she admits. "I did one year of no dating, I am going to say no to everyone and if someone breaks through where I'm like, 'Hmmm,' then I'll follow that, and I wound up giving him my phone number on the show. I made the first move."

A move which may end up repeating itself, at least, according to McCarthy. 

"You know, I've said on every interview that I was like, 'Never get married again ever,' and, of course, you never say never. I think he would be an amazing husband, so if he does, I would for sure say yes," she says, before adding, "I wouldn't be surprised if I was the one proposing."