Bacon Deodorant

J&Ds Foods

Bacon deodorant exists. It is something that is real and you can buy it.

And you can use it. To smell like bacon.

It was dreamed up by Seattle-based J&D's Food, the company behind bacon-flavored salt and baconnaise, and officially called Power Bacon Deodorant. It is the "world's first Bacon-scented deodorant."

We're sure you have a million questions.

Here is what we know, from J&D's press release for Power Bacon Deodorant:

1. It's tagline is, "For When You Sweat Like A Pig."

2. It is a "meaty fresh evolution of meat flavored and scented health and beauty products."

3. It "provides 24 hours of Bacon Scent."

4. You should "apply liberally to underarms or private areas."

And if you would like your junk to smell like bacon, you can buy a stick for $9.99 at

J&D is also introducing Sriracha candy canes, because "Santa likes it hot!"

Sriracha Candy Canes

J&Ds Foods

J&D advises you use them to "play a hilariously spicy trick on a friend or unsuspecting child."

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