It's not exactly Oxford Blues, but Rob Lowe is reliving his college years—through his eldest son.

Swinging by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday, Nov. 7, the 49-year-old actor and father of two admitted to spending quite a bit of time in his son Matthew's fraternity.

"You have to understand. I spent 18, 19, 20 doing something else," Lowe told Jimmy Kimmel.

"I know what you were doing," quipped the funnyman in an apparently not so veiled reference to the Youngblood star's playboy years.

"But I do realize that being a 20-year-old movie star isn't as half as fun as being in a frat in college. I'm telling you. I'm going back, man. I'm living vicariously," added Lowe.

When Kimmel asked him if he was hanging out with his son's fraternity brothers, the former West Winger acknowledged, "Maybe a little too much."

"Look, it's the only place where I can play Xbox and not get yelled at," he cracked.

The subject of Lowe's fraternizations came up after the comedian read a couple of the thespian's tweets from last spring.

Kimmel subsequently joked that it sounds like a movie: "Frat Dad!"

To which Rob replied, "Inappropriate frat dad!"

Lowe, who's exiting NBC's Parks & Recreations later this season, is currently making the media rounds promoting his role as President John F. Kennedy in the TV movie Killing Kennedy, which premieres this Sunday on National Geographic.

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