Justin Bieber


Earlier today, a Brazilian woman named Tatiana Neves Barbosa posted a YouTube video of Justin Bieber sleeping. The grainy footage shows the "Bad Day" singer wrapped in a gray blanket, as Barbosa films him and ends the video with the camera on herself, blowing him a kiss.

A source close to E! News says that Bieber had to rent a house outside of town because security became an issue at the hotel he had been staying at in Brazil. He hosted a party at the house, and Barbosa was invited by one of the guests.

Thus far, the video has generated almost 9 million views and more than 14,000 comments. The Biebs hasn't officially commented on this matter yet, but we're imagine he probably isn't too happy about it.

That got us thinking, which other celebrities have sleeping pictures on the web? Granted, none of them are quite like Biebs' situation, but quite a few celebs have posted pictures of themselves lounging about.

Other celebs who have snapped shots of themselves lounging in bed include James Franco, Lauren Conrad, Nicole Richie, Justin Long and Demi Lovato.

Click through our gallery to see what our favorite celebrities do before and after they catch some zzz's.

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