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Happy Friday, fellow TV lovers! Let's prepare for the weekend with some new spoilers, shall we? Because nothing says TGIF like scoop on your favorite shows, right?

With Homeland's big bombshell last week, we bet you're dying to know what's happening on Sunday's episode. Well, we've seen it and we're dropping some tasty nuggets. And those who want more Mother on How I Met Your Mother will get their wish, but there's a catch. All that, plus scoop on American Horror Story: Coven, Bones, Once Upon a Time and more in today's Spoiler Chat

Ronnie: Real simple Homeland question for you: What's next?
A Quinn shower scene, aw yeah! Oh, you want something more substantial? OK, fine. In Sunday's episode, Carrie (who is battling morning sickness and is still keeping her pregnancy a secret) will get some answers about Brody's involvement with the Langley bombing. But because this is Homeland, those answers will lead to more questions, but they are definitely very interesting questions and it will be a step forward in the investigation. Plus, Saul continues his awesome badassery when it comes to Senator Lockhart. You will never guess what Papa Bear Saul does to keep Lockhart out of his business.

Sammie: Coven seriously can't possibly get any better, but I know it will. Can you give me some spoilers on my favorite show?
Trust us when we say you have no idea what's coming next. Well, we'll give you a little bit of an idea. Marie Laveau is obviously enraged that her zombie army got stopped before it could do the amount of damage she wanted, but she obviously won't give up. In fact, she'll make a very powerful and surprising ally in an upcoming episode that could be the undoing of the coven.

Ariana: You guys have been so generous with the Bones stories lately, so keep it coming, eh? Spoilers, pleeease!
We will give you scoop, but only because you used three e's instead of four. In episode 10, a very mysterious (and possibly dangerous) secret about Hodgins past will be unearthed. We obviously cannot tell you what the secret is, but we can tell you it has to do with a very wealthy family. In that same episode, we'll meet a new female FBI profiler whose arrival will shake up the entire team. And she's sticking around for more than just a couple of episodes, so the gang had better get used to her!

Robert Carlyle, Once Upon A Time


Layla: I just can't get enough of Once Upon a Time's magic. I look forward to this show every week! What's coming up?
Land, ahoy! My oh my, what do we see here dearies? We've snagged a first look photo (above) straight from the Once Upon a Time set and it looks like our characters are finally back in our favorite little town: Storybrooke! Hmm, and apparently Rumple is mighty pissed off with one Lost Boy. Is it just us, or does Pan look a little bit older to any of you Neverland fans? Aging or not, it is very interesting to see Pan in our beloved fairytale-filled town.

Ty: I agree with you guys on the fact that we're not getting enough of the Mother this season on HIMYM. Loved the engagement moment, but will there be more soon?
The good news is that yes, we will see the Mother more before the end of the season. And not only that, we will see her without Ted! That's right, we will witness who the Mother is away from her future husband when we see her interact with a close friend of hers in a flashback and a flash-forward. One of the conversations they have is regarding the Mother's future plans, so you know it'll be an intriguing scene. The bad news? This moment won't come until after episode 10. So...we've got a while.

Talia: Brooklyn Nine-Nine is definitely my new favorite comedy. What's coming up for that show?
Better start hitting the gym! By episode 14 our kooky cops are going to be investigating the seedy underbelly of professional bodybuilders. You're going to see so many hot bods you're going to break up with your boyfriend out of sheer disgust. Just kidding! We hope. Oh, and did you know that Terry has twin daughters? They're 1-and-a-half years old and they're a-freakin'-dorable.

Full House Cast


Melanie B.: Is this Full House reunion happening or not? Would any of the castmembers even go for it?
To answer your first question, it's not happening...yet. But all the buzz online might make it happen, so way to go, Internet! As for the cast, Lori Loughlin (aka Aunt Becky) tells us she'd be down to do it...if the script was right. But as for now, she is as clueless as the fans. "If there is something in the works, I've not been contacted," Loughlin admits to us. "It would depend on the project and what it is. I'd have to see what it is and hear about it. You know, read it and see. But I haven't heard anything. And that's the truth! I'm not being coy. I really haven't heard anything."

Kristina: Why are you neglecting The Middle fans? We want scoop too!
Whoa there, cranky little TV watcher, we were just waiting to give you full plate of steamy spoilers! Are you ready for a flashback? Of course you are, everyone loves a little blast from TV's past. Prepare to see what our beloved Sue Heck looked like as an adorkable and clumsy 5-year-old. Plus, it looks like these college classes are really paying off for Axl. He becomes quite the astronomy star in episode 12 and snags all the ladies in sight.

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