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Could Glee be moving to New York? Or sending Kurt to Russia?

As we previously reported, Ryan Murphy is considering three scenarios for the sixth and presumably final season of Glee: 1) New York only. 2) Kurt in Russia. 3) An idea that has yet to be named that could still include McKinley High.

We checked in with Becca Tobin (Kitty), who tells us the cast has been talking—"a lot"--about the new direction (see what we did there?) of the show. "It has calmed down a little bit," she tells E! News. "I'm sure if we're actually going [to Russia] or if Kurt's going there it'll spice it up a little bit more, but yeah, it's sad."

By "sad," we assume she's hinting that she fears some of the McKinley High cast (which she is a part of) might not be regulars for season six. But only time will tell, since the season ‘s setup has not yet been decided.

A source exclusively revealed to E! News that Kurt (Chris Colfer) could be moving to Russia next year, and it's possible his storyline could include LGBT rights in Russia.

"I kind of hope it is [happening]," Tobin says of the Russia idea, "because you know the whole Russia thing is pretty controversial and I think we on Glee are the people to really touch on the subject."

When it comes to all the storyline shake-ups, the 27-year-old actress reveals that sometimes she's just as much in the dark as the fans are. "It's fun to be a part of a show of a show where it's kind of always evolving and sometimes when I get scripts I find out what's happening at the same time kind of as everyone else," she says.

What are you hoping for the final season?

Glee returns with an all-new episode tonight at 9 p.m. on FOX!

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