Deb's OR Flash Mob, Beyonce


If Deborah Cohan felt scared before her double mastectomy surgery, she didn't let it show. If she was feeling angry or depressed or any number of other justifiable emotions, she didn't let them show, either.

Instead, she danced her way into surgery, to Beyoncé's "Get Me Bodied (Extended Remix)."

The mother of two and OB/GYN filmed herself dancing alongside her entire medical team at San Francisco's Mt. Zion Hospital, a six-minute video of her laughing and smiling as she gets ready to undergo the procedure.

(Sidenote: Great choice in music, Deborah. It's one of our favorites.)

The video has since gone viral. A truly inspiring story (H/T Gawker).

"I will be dancing in my little hospital gown and bouffant cap in the Mt. Zion operating room with the surgical and anesthesia teams," she wrote on her Caring Bridge page. "My fantasy is for you to play the song and dance wherever you happen to be (in the kitchen, the carwash, subway platform, classroom, Labor and Delivery unit, wherever!)." 

She continued, "I have visions of a healing video montage. Nothing brings me greater joy than catalyzing others to dance, move, be in their bodies. Are you with me people?"

And the people were with her. Her colleagues at San Fran's General Hospital:

As well as her friends (here and here) and her family (here). If you can dance through your uglyhappycrying, you're probably dancing too. We are.

According to her Caring Bridge page, all that positive energy seems to have paid off: "Deb's surgery was very successful. No visible lymph node involvement. She's in good spirits. Already did some walking. Amazing."

The video also made its way to Beyoncé herself, who wrote, "Deborah, you are awesome!"

The post has been shared over 52 million times since Bey Facebooked it, with the top comment exclaiming, "Beyonce, this lady deserves to be at your concerts on stage with you dancing!!!!!!"

She certainly has the right moves for it!

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