Thor: A Dark World, Shanghai Poster


Breaking News! Superheroes, according to at least one fan, like to spoon from time to time. Even with their siblings.

An incredible fan-made poster for the upcoming Marvel movie Thor: The Dark World features Thor (Chris Hemsworth) cuddling with his brother, Loki (Tom Hiddleston), while chaos ensues behind them, making the film look like something of a love story as opposed to an action-filled, superhero flick.

But what's even better? This photoshopped image is being used in a Shanghai movie theater. Yep, the PDA-filled poster is the main ad for the anticipated sequel, and the text on the display actually translates to "Thunder God 2."

It was recently revealed on Chelsea Lately that the villainous Hiddleston was initially seeking to play the Prince of Asgard.

"I auditioned and I swung the hammer but they were always looking for Loki as well, and I think the closer I got, they were like, 'You should play the bad guy,'" Hiddleston said.

In Thor: The Dark World, which hits theaters this Friday, Loki and Thor join forces to save the Nine Realms from a race of Dark Elves led by the evil Malekith (Christopher Eccleston).

Joining the two lovebirds Thor costars is Natalie Portman as love interest Jane Foster along with Jaimie Alexander, Idris Elba, Kat Dennings and Anthony Hopkins.

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