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It's November sweeps time, which is the high-stakes medal round for TV shows. If your ratings are good, great. But make them better. If your ratings are bad, you'd better fix it...and fast.

November is a crucial month for TV networks and producers because they have no more excuses as to why their new or returning shows are failing in viewership. Transition period is over. You should have already "found your footing". Some shows are ticking up every week in the ratings, on their way to certain renewals (if it hasn't been announced already), while some other shows are sinking bit by bit, and a trip to the cancellation graveyard might be in their very near future.

Want to know if your favorite shows like S.H.I.E.L.D., Scandal,The Blacklist and Once Upon a Time are soaring or sinking? We only do these kind of updates to adequately prepare you if your show is suddenly sidelined. You are welcome, America!

Click through our Soaring or Sinking gallery below to get the latest update on 12 new and returning shows that are rocking (or tumbling) in the ratings.

PHOTOS: 12 TV Shows That Are Way Up—Or Way Down—in the Ratings

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