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You want thingamabobs? They've got twenty. And by thingamabobs, we just mean bottles.

Bottles that these five guys expertly use to perform The Little Mermaid's "Under the Sea." Which is how they've earned the band name The Bottle Boys. The rendition is a delight for the ears (and the boys aren't too hard on the eyes either).

"This song shot is an old Bottle classic, that we thought finally deserved its own video," the group says of the video, which was shot in Borneo. "We hope you enjoy this Disney classic."

You want more thingamabobs? And this time, by thingamabobs, we mean Disney-inspired viral videos. The Internet has millions! Here are the coolest viral videos—parodies, a cappella medleys and musicals!—on the web.

Nick Pitera's a cappella rendition of "Kiss the Girl" (also from The Little Mermaid):

Heather Traska's one-woman a cappella Disney medley, with matching costumes:

(There's a million more a cappella videos. We'll leave it at these two.)

And then we delve into the parodies:

"Spell Block Tango" by Todrick Hall, which casts Disney villains as the merry murderesses in this Chicago spoof (featuring Glee and Dancing With the Stars star Amber Riley as Ursula).

Also by Todrick Hall, "Cinderoncé" is the story of Cinderella set to Beyoncé music.

Yes, it is fierce. And yes, you should watch it right away. 

"After Ever After" by Paint, which explains what happened to Ariel, Belle, Jasmie and the rest of the princesses after their happily ever (spoiler alert: pollution, terrorism and beastiality).

"Hipster Disney Princesses—The Musical" by AVbyte, which turns the princesses into hipsters:

"They're so unique, that they're all the same! ;)"

And this video, which has the Disney princesses welcoming Princess Leia to the gang, now that Star Wars is a part of the Disney family. It's no "Hipster Disney Princesses—The Musical," but makes some good, topical fun of the ideals that princesses teach little girls.

"Disney's Princess Ke$ha" by Funny or Die, which would teach little girls even more f--ked up ideals.

And finally, another viral video by Funny or Die. It's not a musical like the rest of the videos, but we're including it anyway, because it is worth watching (if you haven't already).

Behold, "Disney's Spring Breakers."

Disney forever, bitches.

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