Best TV Couple, The Vampire Diaries, Glee


Holy nail biter.

We asked you to vote for TV's Best Couple of All Time, narrowing the list from 32 couples down to just two: Damon and Elena of The Vampire Diaries and Finn and Rachel of Glee.

The results have been hovering within 1-3 percent, and the final poll closes at midnight ET/9 pm PT, so, pssst....Fans, it's time to get your vote on. Hard. Core.

VOTE HERE for Finn and Rachel or Damon and Elena!

Each person (translation: computer) can only vote once, so the best way is to spread the word via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, or carrier pigeon (who has a strong social-media following), and get your friends to vote.

In the meantime, to congratulate both the Finchel and Delena fanbases on making it this far, we have put together two photo galleries for you to kill time while you're waiting for the final results:

Reasons We Love Finn and Rachel and Reasons We Love Damon and Elena.

Check 'em out below. See if you agree...And send us your own reasons via the comments section or Twitter: Tweet @KristinDSantos wtih the hashtag #BestCoupleDelena or #BestCoupleFinchel. We'll include some of your thoughts when we name the winner on Thursday.

Don't forget to VOTE HERE!

Good luck. And thanks for playing nice.

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