Tom Hiddleston

Courtesy: Alberto E. Rodriguez/WireImage

Thor: The Dark World hits theaters this Friday (Nov. 8) and Loki has once again stolen the spotlight from his do-gooder brother. That devilish Loki! Actually, it was Tom Hiddleston who has stolen the spotlight from...everyone.

And he was adorable the whole time. Like...

1. That time he took over Comic-Con as Loki.

And we happily bowed before him.

2. That time he argued with small children as Loki.

3. That time he flew in from London to surprise kids at a Thor: The Dark World screening.

Bonus adorableness: It was for charity (Variety Children's Charity and the Children's Aid Society).

4. When he taught Cookie Monster about delayed gratification.

And made correlations.

5. When he revealed he was a Disney fanboy and sang "Bare Necessities" at D23.

6. When he sang Daft Punk's "Get Lucky," but made it "Get Loki."

7. When he sang "If I Had a Hammer" for Chris Hemsworth.

8. When Chris Hemsworth made him sing "Danke Shön" at Thor: The Dark World's Berlin premiere.

Basically, any time he's ever sang.

9. When he did his impression of Owen Wilson playing Loki.

11. When he did his impression of Kermit and Missy Piggy, not playing Loki.

But we would love to hear Tom doing Miss Piggy doing Loki.

12. That time he reenacted the plot of Thor 2 using action figures.

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13. That time he tried to be menacing...but was mostly just adorable.

14. And that time that Jessica Chastain said that Tom cries when he's scared.

15. When he dances.

16. When he laughs watching videos of himself laughing (skip ahead to 6:45).

17. All the times that he get all bromantic with Chris Hemsworth.

Which is all the times that he is with Chris Hemsworth.

18. And all the times that he's smiling.

Tom Hiddleston

Alberto E. Rodriguez/WireImage

Which is all the time. It's literally impossible to find a picture of this adorable man frowning.

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