Suzanne Somers, Jason Ritter, Three's Company

CBS; Alberto E. Rodriguez/Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Suzanne Somers may want to do a Three's Company spinoff with Jason Ritter, but don't count on Ritter taking over for his late father John Ritter if the spinoff sitcom ever gets made.

The Three's Company 2.0 news broke when Somers revealed to the latest issue of Closer, "I said to my husband the other day, ‘You know what would make a great sitcom? If Chrissy Snow's son was Jason Ritter!' It would mean that ultimately, Jack [John Ritter's character] and Chrissy got married and they had Jason. It is the first acting idea I've had that has made my heart flutter."

"I did just hear that," Jason told us last night at the TV Guide Magazine Hot List party in Hollywood. "It's so wild. It's very sweet."

When asked if he thinks it's something that will ever happen with him, he dished, "I have no idea."

"To be honest, there are probably actors who are much better," the humble 33-year-old actor said. "It sounds weird, it sounds like I'm not telling the truth, but I think there would be actors better suited to do that, who are funnier and better. I would feel like I was just getting the part for a stupid reason."

"Maybe a new person," he added. "Discover someone incredible."

As for his earliest exposure to the hit 1970s/1980s comedy, Ritter said, "It was already on when I was born. I was always sort of around it the first couple years of my life. I don't remember that much of it, but it's been fun to go back and rediscover all of it."

Guess only time will tell for Three's Company fans!

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