Alyssa Milano's casting her spell on Newlyweds' Nick Lachey.

But the pairing won't land Lachey in the doghouse with missus Jessica Simpson--the boy bander turned reality player has landed a six-episode gig on the WB's Charmed next season, the network confirmed Friday.

Lachey is set to play a ghost writer hired to pen Phoebe Halliwell (Milano)'s advice column while she's on sabbatical and winds up having a thing with the witchy woman.

"He's very attractive, he's got star power and, in looking at the tapes of the acting he's done, he's got a fresh take, a fresh look and a natural way about him that translates into his performances," gushed executive producer/showrunner Brad Kern in the Hollywood Reporter.

"I feel strongly that it's going to be a fun match with Alyssa Milano."

It's a good thing someone appreciates Lachey, who often plays second-fiddle straight man to bubblehead blonde Simpson. Earlier this year, ABC passed on the Lachey pilot Hot Mamma, costarring Gina Gershon, while last fall's first solo album, SoulO, was a critical and commercial dud.

That's okay. If Charmed doesn't turn into a full-time job out, we're sure Jessica won't mind funding his handyman projects around the house.

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