Jennifer Lawrence


The verdict is still out on what gentlemen prefer but it's safe to say that Jennifer Lawrence thinks blond is best.

While filming back-to-back installments for The Hunger Games, the actress has had to dye her hair brunette, but every time she gets a chance she switches back to her natural fair hair hue.

Thus was the case recently as the star, who is currently on break from filming to promote her Catching Fire sequel—which hits theaters later this month—was spotted at a Los Angeles airport on Nov. 4 with golden strands peeking out from underneath a gray beanie. The knit cap matched her gray tee and black and gray sneakers. The rest of her ensemble—skinny jeans, a purse and leather jacket—were all basic black.

It's been a while since the Oscar winner was spotted out and about—she has famously talked about how she enjoys her privacy—so it's not clear when the change took place.

Luckily for all you J.Law fans out there, you will definitely get a better look at her most recent hair makeover very soon. Catching Fire premieres will be taking place all around the world in the next few weeks and we're pretty sure she won't be wearing that winter hat on the red carpet.

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